Managing Mercury Retrograde

For some of us we hear this term “Mercury Retrograde” and cringe, because we know it’s going to be a topsy turvy time. But most people are not aware of this phenomenon. So what is Mercury Retrograde??? Scientifically this is the time when the planet Mercury is closest to planet Earth. Because Mercury is the planet closest to the sun it’s orbit is much shorter than that of Earth, and it moves at a much faster speed than Earth. When it passes by Earth the speed at which it’s moving actually makes it appear to be going backwards, hence the term “Retrograde.” In Astrological terms the planet Mercury is in a time of rest, and so all the things that it governs for us are left in an imbalance. In a way, it’s like a parent who takes a nap and during that time the kids get into some mischief because there is no one watching over them. Mercury goes into this Retrograde state 3-4 times a year and lasts a little over 3 weeks each time.

When is Mercury Retrograde??


March 22 – April 15

July 26 – August 18

November 16 – December 6


March 5 – 28

July 7 – 31

October 31 – November 20

Astrologically Mercury rules a few areas of our life and one of the biggest areas is communication. All forms of communication are governed by this planet including speaking, listening, writing, learning, buying and negotiating. This also includes written documents such as books, agreements, contracts, leases, and forms.

It’s very important that you avoid signing any contracts or leases during Mercury Retrograde. Often times the contract will either change multiple times, or fall through. It’s also time to pay close attention to how you say things and the words that you use as mis-communications can happen easily and often. Avoid purchasing big ticket items during Mercury Retrograde, as you could feel buyer’s remorse once Mercury shifts back into a directional orbit.

One of the other areas it rules is all types of coding. This can be in the form of computer coding which is also used in transportation, and other electronic devices. When Mercury goes into Retrograde, anything that uses coding gets mixed up. Electronic devices “go on the fritz” and travel can be interrupted or delayed. Last year during M.R. a friend of mine had her email account suddenly crash and stop working. She couldn’t log into it, and when she called the help centre they couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Eventually she was able to re-set the password and get back into her email but all her emails were gone. Mercury Retrograde strikes again! It’s a good idea to back up your computer or hard drive before M.R. Be patient when the internet connection seems to keep cutting out on you during M.R. In general, it’s a good idea to try and minimize the amount of time you use electronic devices.

Try to avoid travelling during this time as plane delays and cancellations are often signs Mercury is in Retrograde. You may also find that your GPS isn’t working properly so make sure you have a map with you or a route written out to get to your destination. You may also notice there are more than the usual amount of traffic delays, or detours because of construction.

All this upheaval can cause a lot of additional stress for us. We are worried because we are going to be late because of that traffic delay… We get frustrated because we can’t seem to make a clear decision… We get irritable because we can’t explain what it is we are really trying to say… We get angry because the computer crashes and all that hard work is lost… We get upset because we mis-interpreted what our partner said to us…

So what should you do to get through this turbulent time? It’s not all bad news when Mercury is in retrograde think of “RE.” It’s a time to slow down and Re-lax, Re-flect, Re-view the past and Re-lease anything that’s been holding you back. Re-connect, not only with yourself, but also with friends and family. Take this time to build better and stronger relationships with those that are important to you. Review and reassess that project you’ve been working on. Repair a relationship with a loved one. Re-organize your home or office. And most importantly REST! Take time to rejuvenate yourself, go for a massage, enjoy a long walk, get creative. All these things can also help reduce the stress that Mercury Retrograde can bring about. It’s a time to be patient with yourself and others, and reflect on everything you are grateful for.

For additional support during Mercury Retrograde I’ve designed a special jewellery line that you can find on my website Each piece is made with 5 specific gemstones/crystals that can assist you during Mercury Retrograde.

Amazonite: Protection from EMF's, assists with communication

Tourmaline: Protection during travel & from negative energies

Amethyst: Helps with reducing stress and anxiety

Hematite: Assist with grounding & centering

Fluorite: Promotes mental clarity & balance, strengthens relationships

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