DIY: Jewellery Backer Cards

As a small business owner I am always thinking outside the box when it comes to my products, their presentation, and how to generate more buzz for my business. When you make jewellery you always want it to look good and to show it off in the best way possible. Since I sell my products at markets, online, and in stores I needed to find an efficient, professional, and in-expensive way to consistently display my work.

When I first started out I found some decently priced jewellery boxes to display and transport my jewellery. At around 50 cents a box I thought this was a professional and functional way to display my jewellery and add value to my work. Unfortunately, the boxes didn't fit some of my larger pieces and I realized it was going to get very expensive, very quickly, to order all these different sized boxes, not to mention the space it was going to take up to store them all!

So, I created small jewellery stands out of drift wood and wood dowling to display my work. These were very in-expensive to make and they looked great. Sadly, they were a real hassle to set up and take down each time I went to a market, not to mention if there was any wind my feather earrings would just up and blow away!! I was spending far too much time taking each product out of their storage bags and hanging them on the displays, then doing it all again in reverse at the end of the market.

Once I started branching out and selling my products wholesale to stores I decided I needed to find a better way to display my products. I had to take into consideration that the store needed to be able to show them off as well as price them. So I started looking for jewellery backer cards. I went to various craft and jewellery supply stores in search of the cards that would look the best and cost the least. I found some simple cards that doubled as pendant or earring backers and they cost $6.95 for a pack of 30. Not too bad in the grand scheme of things working out to 23 cents per card so I bought a pack to try them out. They looked decent, but I noticed that my earrings were a bit long for these cards and I also had a new problem... how were customers going to know that I made them?? I would have to either print labels with my company name and website or get a custom stamp made to add this important information to each card.

So I decided I would find out how much it would cost to have custom cards made with my name and website. I looked at many websites, and I did find some great small businesses on Etsy that would print 70 custom cards for around $30. At 43 cents per card this was still cheaper than the boxes, it had my name and website on them, but I knew I could find a better and more cost efficient way.

Then I had a brain storm! I had some of my business cards sitting beside me so I picked one up and held up a pair of earrings to it. The length of the card was perfect, it had my business name and website, but it was a bit too busy so I had to find something simple. I originally ordered my business cards from Vista Print so I thought I would see if I could create a “business card” that actually worked as a jewellery backer card. I went onto their website and selected a “Vertical” business card option and started scrolling through all their designs templates. I found one that matched my style but wouldn’t be too distracting from the jewellery that was going to be displayed on it. Vista Print has lots of editing options and I was able to customize the placement of my business name and website just where I wanted them.

It should be noted that I had to work upside down because the template I chose had the design at the top, but with their editing and "preview" options I could flip the text and place it where I wanted. I also took it a step further and added "O's" to mark the placement of where I would have to punch my holes for the earrings to hang as well as the display hanger hole. On the first text line I centered one "O" for the display hanger hole. On the second line I typed in 2 letter "O's" evenly spaced out underneath and on either side of the display hanger hole. It does take a little bit of time to fiddle with the font size and spacing but it's well worth it in the end. You want to make sure your text font for the markers is not too big so that when you punch out the holes you don't see them.

All I had to do once the cards arrived was punch out the holes. This was very easy since I'd added in the "O" markers as I designed the cards. I used a standard single whole punch (which I bought at the dollar store) for the center display hanger hole. For the smaller holes on either side I already had a multi size hole punch at home which I used, set at the smallest size hole. If you don't have one you can pick one up at a craft or stationary supply store for around $20.

As for the cost of these beautiful and professional looking cards, you will be shocked to know what actually I paid. Vista Print always has promotions to receive discounts on business cards. So I found a promo code on a Face Book Ad to get 500 cards for $9.99. I applied the promo code for the discount, and after the shipping and taxes all 500 cards came to just over $20. That is only 4 cents per card!!! Even when you factor in the cost to buy the multi size hole punch, the cards still only cost 8 cents each. The best part is that Vista Print keeps all orders on your account saved, so when you need to order more you can just select and re-order saving you the hassle and time of re-creating them again. You get a custom design, with all your business info on a professional looking card to display your beautiful jewellery!!

It just goes to show what you can come up with when you think outside the box!

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