Seeking some insight and guidance for your year ahead?


Susan offer’s 1 year Oracle Card Readings.


Sacred Space is opened up before the session to create a safe and welcome environment for you to receive messages during your session. With-in this Sacred Space, Susan calls in and connects with her guides as well as your own.


With the guidance of these Spirit Guides, One card is pulled for each month of the year ahead, as well as one final card for the over-all message for the year. Each card represents a message & guidance for each of the next 12 months. These readings are very insightful and can provide clarity and direction for where you are heading in the future.


Susan works with you and your guides, to help best serve you on your life path for your highest benefit and wisdom.


45 Minute Reading - $75

Please contact Susan via email to schedule your session.

Year Ahead Oracle Card Reading

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