Cards are blank inside, 4" wide x 6" in length, and include an envelope. These cards are available in a variety of birds and animals. On the back of the card is the spiritual meaning and teaching for each bird or animal. These greeting cards were created from original paintings done by Susan Webber, Owner of Spiritual Imprints.  

Wolf Single Card

  • The Wolf:

    Symbolizes instinct, protection, community, and communication. The Wolf is extremely protective of it’s family and fellow pack members. With-in their pack, there are many different roles. Wolves work together as a team to ensure all members are protected and safe. Wolves develop strong social bonds & teach us how to work together as a community. Wolf reminds us to communicate openly, & to howl from the heart.

    If the Wolf shows up:

    Tune into your intuition and trust your gut instincts.

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