Sweet Grass is also known as Mother Earth's hair and is often braided before being dried. The 3 parts of the braid represent different things to different cultures. It has been known to mean "body, mind, & soul," or "peace, love, & harmony," depending on where you live.


Burning Sweet Grass, or "smudging" can be beneficial in many ways:

-Cleanses energy of negativity or heaviness with in a home, of a person, or an object

-Calms energy in a space or of a person

-Promotes loving, nurturing energy 

-Perfumes the air with a sweet vanilla scent

-Can be used in spiritual practices/ceremonies/rituals


For instructions on how to burn, please see our home page where we have a short video demonstration.


Other herbs/woods that can be used for smudging are available in our store such as Cedar, White Sage, and Palo Santo.

Sweet Grass Braid

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