Not your typical variety of kitchen sage, this herb is not for consumption but rather for burning to cleanse energy. We carry loose sage as well as bundled sticks. 


Burning White Sage, or "smudging" can be beneficial in many ways:

-Cleanses energy of negativity or heaviness with in a home, of a person, or an object

-Calms energy in a space or of a person

-Kills up to 97% of bacteria and germs

-Cleans the air

-Can be used in spiritual practices/ceremonies/rituals


This kit includes some loose white sage, a small abalone shell to burn your sage in, as well as a Guinea Fowl feather to direct the smoke. Instructions are also included on how to burn sage to cleanse your home or personal energy.


For instructions on how to burn sage, please see our home page where we have a short video demonstration.


Other herbs/woods that can be used for smudging are available in our store such as Cedar, Sweet Grass, and Palo Santo.

Smudging Kit

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