Shungite can assist with neutralizing harmful EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) from electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, tvs, wireless routers, and microwaves just to name a few. The reason Shungite can do this is, because it has a chemical make-up of mostly Carbon with crystalline structures called fullerenes. Fullerenes are soccer ball shaped molecules which have been proven to neutralize EMF's.


These Shungite cell phone plates have a sticky side on the back so you can attach it to your phone or phone cover. You can also use these on laptops.


Fullerenes also help to purify energy and water. Shungite has also been proven to cleanse your drinking water of any impurities and provide health benefits such as boosting your immune system. For best results with water purification we recommend you use Elite Nobel Shungite as it has the highest carbon content and therefore is the best quality. We do sell the raw Elite Nobel Shungite in our online shop as well as black Shungite tumbled pieces.

Black Shungite has a lower carbon content so for the sake of purifying water Elite Nobel is better, but Black Shungite is still great for EMF protection. Keep one in your pocket, on your computer desk, or wherever you have electronic devices near by.

Shungite Cell Plate

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