We all live busy lives that can generate levels of stress both physically and emotionally.  Some even suffer from anxiety or panic attacs which can be very hard to get through. This bracelet has been designed with 5 specific crystals to support you in reducing and managing your stress and anxiety levels. 


The 5 crystals are:


Rhodonite: Helps to calm you when experiencing a panic attack     

Amethyst: Calms the mind and helps to reduce stress/anxiety

Lepidolite: Reduces Stress/Anxiety

Rose Quartz: Promotes a gentle loving, and calming energy

Moss Agate: Keeps you grounded & stable, and helps you feel safe


The bracelet incorporates all 5 crystals in the form of 10mm polished round beads. It has silver plated chain, clasp, & beads and is adjustable to any size wrist. 

Reduce Stress - Silver Plated Bracelet

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