Azurite is a great crystal for Healers, Shamans, & Energy/Light workers. Azurite assists in obtaining intuitive information as to where energy needs to be directed for best healing results. It opens up the soul and Third Eye Chakra to receive insights from the Universe. Azurite aids in opening up a clearer channel to communicate with Spirit and Etherial beings. This can be particularly helpful for Mediums and Psychics who are developing their abilities. This stone also promotes courage and leadership both personally and professionally. 


The Pentagram is a symbol of protection & magic and it represents the 5 elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, & Spirit in each of the 5 points of the star. Pentagram's are often used during divination, magical work, and rituals. It's a symbol commonly associated with Pagan & Wiccan cultures and can be worn as a protective talisman.


We do sell 20" black cords with a clasp for an additional $4.

Pentagram Azurite Pendant

  • This pendant has been wire wrapped by hand with silver coloured tarnish resistant wire. There is no cord included with this pendant as we understand you may already have a favourite chain you would like to wear it on. We do sell 22" black suede cords with a clasp for an additional $2.

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