Palo Santo comes from South and Central America. The trees are protected by law as it's considered the "Holy Wood." The wood can never be cut down by machine or man, & must naturally fall from the trees. It then lays on the ground for several years as it "cures" by absorbing the energy from the earth. The wood is then gathered by hand and cut into smaller pieces for sale. It has a lemony pine aroma when burned.


Burning Palo Santo, or "smudging" can be beneficial in many ways:

-Cleanses energy of negativity/heaviness with in a home, of a person, or an object

-Brings in protection to a space or person

-It calms the energy of a space or person 

-Can be used in spiritual practices/ceremonies/rituals


We also have Palo Santo chips available in our store. For instructions on how to burn, please see our home page where we have a short video demonstration.


Other herbs/woods that can be used for smudging are available in our store such as Sweet Grass, White Sage, and Cedar.

Palo Santo Wood

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