This sacred wood has an aroma of lemon, pine and mint when burned. When burned, Palo Santo purifies and uplifts you and the space around you. The smoke not only cleanses away negativity, but it also attracts positive energy. It can be burned to help reduce stress & anxiety, relieve headaches, and keep the bugs away. Our Palo Santo Chips are sold in a 10 gram bag, cauldron sold separately.


The name Palo Santo in Spanish translates to “Holy Wood.”  It is grown in various countries through-out Central and South America.  There are strict laws surrounding the harvesting of the wood and these laws protect the sacred trees from logging and de-forestation. Palo Santo is only harvested from naturally fallen branches and is never cut down from the trees. The reason is that these fallen branches must lay on the ground for several years to naturally mature. The oils in the wood intensify and it also absorbs Mother Earth’s energy as it transforms. 


There are male and female trees which grow in groups of 8 female trees around 1 male tree. The female trees live to be 40-50 years in age while the male trees can live up to 200 hundred years old. The wood from the male tree is white, hollow, and light while the female trees wood is yellow, solid, and heavy.  Only the female wood is harvested for the use of burning Palo Santo. 


We also have Palo Santo available in sticks.

Palo Santo Chips

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