Have you been wondering what your life purpose is.... or what you are meant to do in this lifetime?

If so, perhaps a numerology reading is what you need!

Numerology dates back over 2000 years when the great mathematician Pythageros, created a chart that translates letters into numbers to calculate your souls destiny. Using your full birth date and name we will calcluate a chart of your 7 core numbers to give you insight into what you were born to do, and how to achieve it.  


Core numbers:

Life Path - What your life purpose is

Destiny - How you can achieve your life purpose

Soul - What motivates you

Personality - What personality characteristics you have, your strengths/weaknesses

Maturity - What to expect in your later years (roughly after the age of 40)

Birth Day - What skills you can master/use in this lifetime to fulfill your purpose

Current Name - Where you are now and on your journey


We will also provide you with your Karmic Lesson number(s) which help you understand what you will have to master, or over come in this lifetime. Finally you will learn what your current year number is, which will give you a brief overview of what to expect in this current year.

Numerology Reading

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