Intention Altars are a safe place to keep your written intentions. Write out your intentions, then say them aloud. Fold up the paper and place on the alter under the larger crystal. The crystals have been selected to amplify the general intention with their energertic properties. The base is made of drift wood and has been hand burned with a woodburning tool.


Each altar includes 2 set crystals on the wooden base and a third larger crystal for placing on top of your intentions. They all work together to bring in manifesting energy to your written intentions. Depending on which intention you would like to focus on, we have a variety available to work with for attracting, Love, Prosperity, Abundance, Healing, Joy, & Direction in life. We also have a standard "Intention" option. 

Intention Altars

C$20.00 Regular Price
C$15.00Sale Price
  • Each altar has different crystals for different intentions. Perhaps it's not the intention that resonates with you but the crystals.  Below outlines which crystals are included for each Intention Altar along with their meaning.


    Intention - Citrine (for prosperity & abundance), Green Calcite (great for manifesting your intentions), Clear Quartz (amplifies the intention & replaces negative energy with positive energy)


    Prosperity - Garnet (for success in business & career), Aventurine (for manifesting & good luck), Citrine (for prosperity & abundance)


    Abundance - Rose Quartz (the stone of love), Aventurine (for manifesting & good luck, & prosperity), Clear Quartz (amplifies the intention & replaces negative energy with positive energy)


    Love - Fourite (opens the heart and brings self-love), Aventurine (for manifesting & good luck), Rose Quartz (the stone of love)


    Healing - Blood Stone (helps with many physical ailments), Black Tourmaline (grounding and protection), Himalayan Salt (clearing energetic blockages from the emotional and physical body)


    Direction - Carnelian (inspires creativity and confidence), Unakite (helps bring clarity & connection to your animal totem and guides), Clear Quartz (amplifies the intention & replaces negative energy with positive energy)


    Joy - Rose Quartz (the stone of love), Smokey Quartz (grounding, and protection from negative energy), Amethyst (calms the mind and reduces stress and anxiety)


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