Cards are blank inside, 4" wide x 6" in length, and include an envelope. These cards are available in a variety of birds and animals. On the back of the card is the spiritual meaning and teaching for each bird or animal. These greeting cards were created from original paintings done by Susan Webber, Owner of Spiritual Imprints.  

Hummingbird Single Card

  • The Hummingbird:

    Symbolizes joy, energy, and persistence. The Hummingbird reminds us

    to be persistent in the pursuit of our dreams. They seek out the sweetest nectars in life and teach us to find happiness and joy in all that we do. Their wings actually flutter in the pattern of the infinity symbol,

    representing eternity and continuity. 

    When a Hummingbird shows up:

    Celebrate and enjoy the gifts you have, and keep flying towards your dreams.

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