Rainbow Moonstone has an iridescent shine to it and when held up to the light it produces a "rainbow" like shimmer. This stone connects to the feminine energy of the moon and goddesses. It also protects from psychic attacks and connects you to the 5 elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, & Spirit. Work with Rainbow Moonstone when meditating, it helps to open the Crown and Third Eye Chakras to the divine and psychic abilities.


The Goddess symbol represents connection between the Earth and Spirit. It's a symboll of the "keeper of wisdom," as well as life-giving, regenerative and creative energies of the Universe.


There is no cord included with this pendant as we understand you may already have a favourite chain you would like to wear it on.  

We do sell 20" black cords with a clasp for an additional $4. 

Goddess Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

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