Burning frankincense provides protection and purification and is said to help increase your spiritual awareness, intuition, and clairvoyance. It's used as incense because when it burns it releases a fragrant smoke. In fact, its name is derived from the Old French "franc encens", which means "pure or high quality incense". The incense is lit in religious ceremonies, used during meditation or aromatherapy. Our Frankincese is sold in a 10 gram bag, cauldron sold separately.


Collected from trees belonging to the Boswellia genus, it has a lemony, musky odor when burned. Boswellia is a shrubby tree found in Africa, India, and the Middle East. It generally grows in rocky areas with dry soil. The tree's resin is usually pale yellow in color. A recent study revealed how frankincense works as an effective antidepressant and relieves stress. It's sometimes used as an insect repellent and an air freshener.

Frankincense Resin

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