Sometimes situations or people can trigger a fear in us. Some people carry a belief that they are not confident enough or brave enough to succeed. This bracelet has been designed with 5 specific crystals to support you in facing your fears and boosting your confidence. 


The 5 crystals are:


Tigers Eye: Promotes confidence & helps you face your fears              

Kambaba Jasper: Soothes your troubled mind & frees you from worry

Sunstone: Boosts your confidence      

Mookaite: Increases self-worth, helps you connect with your personal power     

Smokey Quartz: Transmute negative energy to positive, keeps you grounded


The bracelet incorporates all 5 crystals in the form of 10mm polished round beads. It has silver plated chain, clasp, & beads and is adjustable to any size wrist. 

Face Your Fears - Silver Plated Bracelet

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