Sometimes situations or people can trigger a fear in us. Some people carry a belief that they are not confident enough or brave enough to succeed. This bracelet has been designed with 5 specific crystals to support you in facing your fears and boosting your confidence. 


The 5 crystals are:


Tigers Eye: Promotes confidence & helps you face your fears              

Kambaba Jasper: Soothes your troubled mind & frees you from worry

Sunstone: Boosts your confidence      

Mookaite: Increases self-worth, helps you connect with your personal power     

Smokey Quartz: Transmute negative energy to positive, keeps you grounded


The bracelet incorporates all 5 crystals in the form of 8mm polished round beads. The beads are threaded onto an elasticized cord which is then double knotted and glued for durability. The elastic may stretch over time with use. Please roll the bracelet over your hand and do not pull/stretch bracelet when putting it on. This will help to prevent snapping/breakage.

Face Your Fears - Elasticized Bracelet

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