Are you wanting to connect with your intuition on a deeper level? Have you been told you have psychic abilities and gifts that you wish to tap into and hone? This bracelet has been designed with 5 specific crystals to help you develop and enhance your intuition & connection with Spirit.


The 5 crystals are:


Dumortierite: Enhances psychic abilities and intuitive gifts                Super Seven: Brings your soul back into connection with the Divine

Labradorite: Enhances intuition                

Angelite: Connects you with your Angels & strengthens communication             

Clear Quartz: Helps you connect with spirit & opens the crown chakra 


The bracelet incorporates all 5 crystals in the form of 10mm polished round beads. It has silver plated chain, clasp, & beads and is adjustable to any size wrist. 

Enhance Intuition - Silver Plated Bracelet

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