Empathic people absorb the energies around them, from other people, places, and experiences. For this reason they find it hard to go out into public places or to social events. They are very sensitive and usually highly intuitive. They have huge hearts and will help anyone in need, but they can get over whelmed very easily which can cause anxiety, and panic attacks. This Jewellery line incorporates 5 specific crystals to assist and protect Empaths.


The 5 crystals are:


Tigers Eye: For protection & promotes courage and inner strength

Black Obsidian: Protects your Energy Field from negative energies

Lepidolite: Helps with reducing stress/anxiety & panic attacks

Lapis Lazuli: Protects from Psychic Attack and enhances intuition

Moss Agate: Promotes strong connection to Nature, & has grounding/nurturing energy


The bracelet incorporates all 5 crystals in the form of 10mm polished round beads. It has silver plated chain, clasp, & beads and is adjustable to any size wrist. 

Empath Protection - Silver Bracelet

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