Wormwood (also known as the "Madderwort") is often used to honour the elements of Air and Fire as well as the Zodiac signs of Cancer and Gemini. It carries Yang energy and is connected to the Goddesse Artemis, Diana & Isis. Wormwood can be used during rituals/ceremonies for connecting with the afterlife, clairvoyance, dream work, love, protection from enchantment, and transformation. Our Wormwood is sold in an 8 gram bag, cauldron sold separately.


While it is encouraged that you to source and harvest herbs and other magical plants for yourself, understandably you may not have access to certain plants. This is why we offer a small variety of commonly used plants/herbs/trees/resins to get you started. At the moment we only offer the small sachets but if you are in need of larger quatntities please send us an email. All our herbs/resins are sourced either from our own garden, local organic gardens, or from reputable distributers.


NOTE: All herbs/resins/plant medicines are NOT to be ingested. They are for burning and ritual use ONLY.

Dried Wormwood

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