These crystal car talismans help to keep you focused and calm while driving. They also have a protective crystal to assist in warding off danger on the road.  


The talismans have a main larger crystal which is wrapped in a macrame weave, with a complimentary crystal bead at the top. They come with an easy to adjust hanging cord so you can hang it from your rearview mirror or any other place in your car.


We offer 2 crystal combinations to select from:


Combination #1:

Black Tourmaline: Protects you From negative energy & helps to keepyou grounded and calm

Clear Quartz: Promotes mental clarity & helps you to focus on driving


Combination #2:

Smokey Quartz: Protects you from negative energy & helps to keep you grounded and calm

Fluorite: Promotes mental clarity, & helps you stay focused while driving


Just select which crystal you would like for the MAIN crystal wrapped in the macrame weave, and the corresponding crystal bead will be added at the top for you.

Crystal Car Talisman

Main Crystal
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