This calendar is a compilation of original art by Susan Webber, from her "Messages from the Universe Series."  This year the theme is all about animal, insect, bird, and mythical creatures & the messages they share from the Universe. Each creature corresponds to an element of either, earth, air, fire or water. They also connect to the different zodiac signs based on the elemental correspondence. Every month includes notes related to the zodiac signs and their corresponding elements.



Calendars will be printed in October and available to ship out or for pick up in early November.

2021 Messages from the Universe Calendar

  • Each month has a different animal with a new Universal message for you! The calendar also includes the dates for all important lunar phases such as the New and Full Moon, and special astrological events like the solstices, & equinoxes.


    Calendars will be available to ship or pick up on November 20th.


    The art work is from a series of acrylic paintings composed by Spiritual Artist, Susan Webber. To see thes and other works by Susan please visit the Spiritual Imprints Gallery.

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