We wear crystal healing jewellery, so why shouldn't our pets?


Our Crystal Pet Collar Charms come in 4 designs, which have been created to help our furry friends physically and emotionally.  A 10mm crystal bead dangles from a sturdy slider ring and includes a charm for a little extra bling! The charms can be hung from your pets collar or inside their cage. They come in 2 sizes:

Small - For cats, bunnies, ferrets, small dogs, birds, and other little fur babies

Large - For medium to Large dogs and bigger fur babies


The 4 designs are:

Amethyst - Helps pets who suffer from anxiety and dispels fears. Amethyst has a calming and gentle energy to sooth our anxious pets. Is also great for abused/traumatized rescue animals.


Rose Quartz - To help your pet feel unconditional love all the time. Rose Quartz is also a gentle and calming crystal and allows abused or traumatized rescue animals learn to trust as well as give and receive unconditional love.


Clear Quartz - To help pets on all physical levels and boost their energy. Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer" and can assist pets who are suffering from physical ailments. It's great for older pets who need a bit of a boost in the energy department too!


Hematite - For protection and to help balance excited energies. Hematite helps your pet to focus so is a great option to help when training puppies and kittens and & it balances youthful pet energy.

Amethyst Pet Collar Charm

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