Amber can awaken the soul, balance your body’s energies, & it can inspire confidence in many aspects of your life. This is a wonderful resin to burn if you are going through a period of uncertainty, Amber can shed its sunlight across many of your doubts. It's sweet aroma is pleasant and rich. Burn on charcoal disc, sold separately in-store. Our Amber is sold in a 5 gram bag, cauldron sold separately.


Another interesting fact about amber is that when it’s rubbed against certain fabrics it creates a spark of electricity. For this very reason, the word for amber in Greek is “Elektron.” Amber is charged, active and kinetic, meaning it can directly affect our energetics.  It also has connections to the sun god Helios whose title was “the awakener.”


There is no one tree responsible for the resin that fossilizes into Amber. Amber also has a wide range of colours based on the tree from which it was birthed, as well as environmental factors, and how long it’s been fossilized for.

Amber Resin

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