Crystals for Beginners

Have you always been or recently found yourself drawn to gemstones and crystals? Did you know that crystals and gemstones have their own unique energetic frequencies and properties? This workshop has been designed to give you a basic understanding of crystals and how you can work with them.


In this introductory workshop you will learn:


-How crystals are formed: The science and geology behind crystal formation.

-How to select crystals: Understanding crystal energy and intuitive crystal selection.

-How to cleanse & charge your crystals: Clearing and caring for your crystals as well as how to amplify their supportive energies.

-Getting acquainted with 10 popularly used crystals: Crystal properties and how they can support you.

Each participant will also receive a FREE crystal!!!

Investment: $50/person

Spiritual Imprints workshops are hosted exclusively at Nature's Spirit in Milton.

Please, click on the link below to register for this or any of the other workshops offered by Spiritual Imprints.

Natures Spirit    289-878-7817 218 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 1N8

Please e-mail or call 905-580-2215 for more information about this or any of our upcoming workshops.

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