Intuitive Readings

Understand Your Energy

Book an Energy Field Reading to see what your energy looks like & learn ways to manage and protect your personal energy.

Mentorship Program

Messages From Spirit

Book a reading to receive

messages, guidance, & healing from your

Spirit Guides, Angels, & Loved Ones today!!!

Energy Field Readings

Intuitive Development

Mentorship Program

A one-on-one personalized program to help you connect deeply with your intuition.

Learn spiritual practices, and teachings to deepen your spiritual connection.

Spiritual Accessories

Spiritual Imprints offers metaphysical tools, jewellery & accessories to assist you on your spiritual journey.

The majority of our products are hand crafted

one of a kind items.

We also offer a variety of other products including, oracle & tarot card decks, crystals, books, incense, singing bowls, and smudging supplies.

Not everything we carry is available online. 

Please book an appointment to stop by and shop,

just send us an email to set up a visit!!




Dowsing Rod Demonstration Video

Smudging Demonstration Video

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