Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Cards are an amazing tool used to assist in answering questions, obtaining guidance, and receiving clear messages from your guides. Oracle cards are similar to Tarot Cards but they do not follow the same structure. There are many different Oracle decks which provide imagery and themes to help decipher the message.

Susan uses a variety of Oracle Card decks & intuitively selects the one(s) that will translate best for each client during a reading.

If you are looking for answers, guidance, or direction in life, then an Oracle Card Reading may be just what you need.

30 minute reading - $50

Intuitive Readings

Susan also offers Personal Intuitive Readings

If you are:

-looking for some clarity around a situation or person

-seeking guidance for your next steps

-in need of some direction on your life path

-or in need of some healing and assistance with releasing emotions and/or blocked energy

Then a personal reading with Susan could be just what you need!

Sacred Space is opened up before the session to create a safe and welcome environment for you to receive messages and any healing during your session. With-in this Sacred Space, Susan intuitively creates a personalized crystal grid for your specific healing, which also helps to shift energy blocks.  Blending the use of oracle cards and channeled guidance, she calls in and connects with her guides as well as your own.


This powerful combination of crystals, cards, and channeling during a session can assist you on many levels. 

Susan works with you and your guides, to help best serve you on your life path for your highest benefit and wisdom. 

One Hour Reading - $120

Numerology Readings

Numerology is an ancient practice that dates back to Atlantis and Babylonian times. It is said that the great Mathematician Pythagoras created the Western Numerology Chart around 2500 years ago. This technique associates numbers with letters to gain an understanding of why you are here, and what you are meant to do in this life. 

Using Western Numerology, Susan will calculate your 7 core numbers to give you valuable insight on your life path, life lessons, and destiny. A numerology reading will also help identify what strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits you have which will help you navigate your souls purpose. Susan will also calculate your current year and current name numbers to give you an idea of where you are at this time on your journey. All that is required is your full birth date, and your full birth name is it is written on your birth certificate. 

If you are looking to gain better understanding of who you are and why you are here, then a Numerology Reading could be just what you need.

45 minute reading - $75

Empath Energy Field Readings

Take a moment to answer the following questions....

1. Do people often call you “too sensitive?”

2. Do you often feel anxious about going out to public places or to social events?

3. Can you easily pick up on how others are feeling, even before they’ve said anything?

4. Do you often feel drained after being around certain people?

5. Are you sensitive to loud sounds, certain smells or light?

6. Do you need alone time on a regular basis?

7. Do you feel a strong connection with nature? Eg: animals, plants, crystals?

8. Do you often feel drained or exhausted after being out in public places or events?


If you answered “Yes” to 4 or more of these questions, you are more than likely an Empath.

Spiritual Imprints offers 1 hour sessions to help you:

-Susan will explain just what an Empath is and what this means for you

-How to navigate being an Empath & how to protect yourself 

-Discover what an energy field is 

-Using dowsing rods Susan will measure your personal energy field

-She will show you how specific crystals can assist in protecting and managing your energy field


After receiving an Empath Energy Field Reading 

clients have experienced the following:


"I didn't realize just how much "stuff" I was absorbing from

other people. When I wore my Empath protection bracelet

at an event with 500+ people I felt completely calm and confident!"

"I always wondered if I was an Empath, thank you for

confirming that I am and for explaining it to me. Now that I have

this knowledge I understand why I was feeling the way I was." 

 30min session - $50/person


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