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You can grow and develop your mind, body, spirit and soul through learning and creative activities. All meditations are channeled in the moment to guide you gently through a transformative and relaxing experience. If you enjoy learning about spiritual practices/teachings, & expanding yourself, perhaps you will find value in one of the workshops offered below. 

All classes and workshops are facilitated by Susan Webber, owner and creator of Spiritual Imprints.

3 Part Energy Series

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Let's explore the wonderful world of energy! Learn about energy frequencies and energy fields, what they are, & how can you protect and manage your own energy field. Using dowsing rods Susan will show you exactly what your personal energy field looks like. This workshop will also teach you how to tap into your personal power to set and write out clear and concise intentions to manifest your dreams. 

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Smudging is a fantastic way to cleanse your home, sacred objects such as crystals, as well as your own personal energy field.  This workshop covers a variety of different herbs and resins which can be used in this ancient cleansing practice.  You will also learn how to smudge yourself and your home/objects.

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For thousands of years sound has been used in spiritual practices and ceremonies. Instruments such as drums, singing bowls, tingshas, and rattles are used in many cultures to reach a state of meditation as well as to cleanse and clear energy. In this workshop we will explore these different instruments and how they can have healing benefits for you.

3 Part Crystal Series

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New to crystals and gemstones and would like to learn more about them? In this workshop we will walk you through the basics so you gain an understanding of how crystals are formed, how to select the right crystals, & how to care for your crystals. We will also introduce you to some of the most popularly used crystals and you will receive a FREE crystal to take home with you.

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Learn simple ways on how to incorporate crystals into your every day living. Crystals can support you in your personal healing and growth, offer protection in your home and car, and support you at work or school. Your crystals are ready and waiting for you to take them off that shelf, or out of that drawer and be put to work to help best support you every day!

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What is a crystal grid? What do they do, & how do you make one? If you are new to crystal grids and would like to learn more about crystal grinding and how to do it this is the workshop for you! In this workshop you will learn how to select the right crystals, cleanse them, program your crystals with a specific intention, and how to lay them out in a crystal grid. Grids are amplified energy centres which can be used for healing, protection, meditation, & manifesting. 


Spiritual Imprints offers 2 types of meditations, Guided Meditations with a sharing circle afterwards as well as Paint & Meditate sessions.

Both meditations are offered exclusively at Nature's Spirit in Milton on a select evening and Saturday morning every month.  If you are new to meditation, not to worry as this group is for all 

Enjoy a complimentary meditation by Susan Webber.

Sit back, relax, and get your zen on.

Springtime Meditation
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