Sound Energy

Many cultures around the world incorporate instruments in their spiritual practices, ceremonies, and teachings. In this workshop we will explore a variety of instruments that are used and learn how sound vibration can be used to cleanse blocked energy as well as during meditation. Sound vibration can be very healing and relieve stress, anxiety, and other physical and emotional ailments.

In this workshop you will learn about and how to play the following:

-Singing bowls - traditional Tibetan hand hammered bowls & crystal singing bowls

-Drums - Traditional rawhide drums as well as metal drums

-Tingshas - Tibetan bells

-Rattles - Shell, rawhide, and stone rattles

-Tuning forks

Investment: $50/person

Spiritual Imprints workshops are hosted exclusively at Nature's Spirit in Milton.

Please, click on the link below to register for this or any of the other workshops offered by Spiritual Imprints.

Natures Spirit    289-878-7817 218 Main St E, Milton, ON L9T 1N8

Please e-mail or call 905-580-2215 for more information about this or any of our upcoming workshops.

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