A little about the Founder and Owner of Spiritual Imprints, Susan Webber.

Susan Webber is a Spiritual Artist, Meditation Leader and Intuitive Guide.

She creates unique jewellery, metaphysical tools, and art. All her creations incorporate natural elements such as crystals, feathers, and drift wood. From her deep and profound love of nature, she is inspired to capture its beauty and healing energy in each of her one of a kind pieces. As gemstones and crystals have natural healing properties, all of the jewellery she makes is not only a beautiful creation to wear, but can also help improve certain ailments and assist with emotional and spiritual well-being.Her mission is to help bring joy and healing to others through her art, as well as to provide tools that will serve people as they follow their spiritual path.


From her Reiki training Susan has honed her knowledge and skills while working with energy. She offers Energy Field Readings to those who are seeking guidance on how to protect and manage their own personal energy. Being an Empath herself, she understands the struggles that can impact a persons energy, and she wants to help others feel less drained, more protected, confident, and lighter.

Susan is also an Intuitive Guide offering readings for those who are seeking guidance, direction, and clarity on their journey.  She channels messages from your spirit guides and incorporates oracle cards to provide answers for any questions you have been struggling with. Susan reads your energy and also incorporates a personalized healing crystal grid during the session to assist with shifting any energetic blocks and healing that you may need. 

Susan is passionate about sharing her knowledge of crystals and spiritual practices. Her Mentorship Program allows people to expand their consciousness, and develop their spiritual self in a safe space. She strongly believes that knowledge is power, but only when you share it with others. Through her Mentorship Program Susan helps people open up & connect to their intuition and spiritual self.

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